Flight data from QRP-Labs website (qrp-labs.com/flights). Flight log software and special firmware by Hans Summers.

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  1. James Zelazny jr
    James Zelazny jr says:

    I like the new addition to the website !
    As usual,NICE WORK !
    Thank you for your time and efforts with the balloon forum.
    U3S22 is not getting very many spots this morning,but one WSPR showing grid NO75.
    This will be Northern Mongolia. Hope it soon gets closer to Japan by tomorrow morning and and is spotted more frequently.

  2. Tony
    Tony says:

    Jim, congratulations buddy! This is amazing! I give you a lot of credit for advancing the art by experimentation and trial and error. Keep at it!



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Balloon name: U3S-22

Launched by: Jim N2NXZ

Launch place: Hilton, NY, USA

Launch date: 13 February 2018

Launch time: 10:00 EST , 15:00 UTC

RECORD : 63 DAYS @ APRIL 17th, 2018