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First I would like to thank Hans Summers for his U3S kits,firmware and support along with Dave,VE3KCL for helping me with the payload builds using the U3S designs.Dave was the first to fly the U3S with great success.

As with many people in ham radio I have met over the years,learned many things in the hobby.My first call was KB2NCY and obtained this call in 1991 as a Novice.Soon took my Technician class for the call N2NXZ and much later my General class.Soon became interested in experimental radio activities mostly QRP radio beacons.Most of my projects are very basic in design which include CW beacons.At one time,built a small wind turbine to charge and operate a 10m band CW beacon on a remote piece of property in a small town of Caneadea,NY FN02wj.The wind turbine although good concept proved high maintenance.Winds destroyed this turbine several times and eventually adopted solar power instead as a better form of power for remote operation.Presently I still have a fully functioning 10 meter band CW beacon @ around 250mw on 28.2278 mhz.

Over time,I became curious about these simple solar power beacons and flying them on balloons.Although primitive not having GPS for tracking,it was fun to launch and monitor the progress of the earlier flights.Soon,discovered that some HAB hobbyist were using APRS systems.These even then were bulky and power hungry.Many attempts using these older systems were tried and at the time having a flight last 3 days was considered a major accomplishment.Leo Bodnar M0XER eventually took this to a new level by his own APRS designs which were smaller and able to operate for days from solar power.


This opened a whole new door for the HAB experimenter.After many primitive builds found that WSPR or JT9 was the best method for long duration flights.Andy,VK3YT seemed to have taken this method to new levels successfully which led me towards this hobby in a new direction.


My very first builds using the Arduino concept started here thanks to Gene,W3PM - http://www.knology.net/~gmarcus/

Not long after learned of the QRP Labs U3s kits through Dave,VE3KCL who was very good to share his work with me.I am very grateful to him for his patience and time guiding me into using this concept as his flights are very successful.Since,the QRP Labs U3S kit has been the main tool for my projects and thank`s to Han`s for his major efforts and support.Without this help HAB for me would have never improved for me.Han`s has created a website of flights using the QRP Labs designs with many of Dave`s interesting flights - http://qrp-labs.com/flights.html

I also appreciate Roberto,IZ7VHF for starting this forum as it will provide others information into this exciting hobby.My experience is low compared to others in this group but will provide the basics best way I can.My skill level is very low in this regard and can only help with the basic designs.Some of you can utilize your expert knowledge of circuits...etc as you see fit and hope to use your great ideas in my future builds.


Posted : 18/06/2017 4:57 pm