Welcome to radio-signals.com!

I have created this website in order to collect all useful informations for amateur radio operators, in particular for those who are interested in QRP propagation.

Luckly, at the end of 2013, searching for a QRP (low power transmitter) homemade device kit, I discovered Mr. Hans Summers (amateur radio callsign G0UPL) with his own QRP LABS and I was fascinated by his projects. You can directly reach the shop clicking here. Hans is producing a series of small QRP transmitter in a DIY (Do It Yourself) kits, the most famous of which is the Ultimate 3S kit. In his website, he describes himself as “… a simple enthusiast attempting to convey my love and enjoyment of radio, electronics, and computing and perhaps to inspire you to build something too“. Well done, Hans! You have fully conveyed it!

On the left you can see the QRP-Labs Ultimate 3S transmitter, soldered by me on June 26th 2016. I set up it to transmit in WSPR mode (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter). I sent signals with a radio frequency power of only 0.2 W (200 mW), through a simple inverted V dipole. My WSPR signals were received up to 3129 km away (LA9JO station in Bardufoss, Norway).

You can find all info about this fascinating very-low power digital mode here.

Here you can find all informations you need to follow my project and, why not, if you want you can publish your own projects or documents here. I can create a website section where I can put all your info. Any subject is welcome! Thank you for visiting my website.

73 de IZ7VHF Roberto Pietrafesa.

Monteiasi, southern Italy, July 7th 2016.