IZ7VHF Roberto Pietrafesa with a book (my interests are radio communication and World War 2 history).

Radio-signals.com is my idea, IZ7VHF Roberto Pietrafesa, with the aim of creating a collection of useful  informations for all radio amateurs over the world. I’m a 41 years old Aerospace Engineer graduated in Turin Politechnic on October 2000.

I live in Monteiasi, a little town with 5600 inhabitants, 15 Km east of big city of Taranto, Apulia region. I worked in Alitalia (italian airline company) for five years like a maintenance engineer on McDonnel Douglas MD-80 airplanes. Since September 2006 I’m working in Finmeccanica like a Quality Control Engineer in Grottaglie, southern Italy, where we are building the carbon fiber center fuselage of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

I have achieved amateur radio license on December 2010. My rig is now an HF radio transceiver ICOM IC-7410. I had an Elecraft KX3 from January 2014 to February 2016 and a Kenwood TS-930 from December 2010 to December 2013. Initially I used phone calls for my transmissions (LSB/USB) and PSK-31 digital modes, but when I discovered CW Morse Code I simply cutted my microphone cable! Since July 2011 I’m a “CW ONLY” operator.

In the meanwhile I’m a WSPR/JT9 enthusiast. These are amazing very-low-power digital modes that allow people to have DX with a couple hundred milliwatts or even less. My personal achieved record is 7154 kilometers with 200 mW, from my house to Connecticut, USA, on July 12th 2016.

Good luck my dear Old Men! I wish you all the best!

73 de IZ7VHF Roberto.

(updated January 19th, 2017)